Idaho Business Name Reservation

Idaho (ID) State ShapeBefore officially forming your business (LLC, Corporation etc) in Idaho, you may consider reserving the name for your company first.

Reserving the business name is helpful in scenarios where you are sure to form the business in next few months but are not ready yet. Name reservation can protect your PERFECT business name, till the time you are ready for filing.

The business name can be reserved for the period of 4 months (120 days) which can not be further renewed. However, the business name reservation can be transferred during the holding period.

Idaho Business Name Requirement

Idaho Secretary of State has mandated certain requirements which you must keep in mind while selecting a business name.

The business name must be unique and distinguishable from any existing business entity name registered with Secretary of State. Also any difference in grammar, similarly sounding business name, or using stop words does not make the business name unique and it will lead to the name being rejected.

For example following names are not distinguishable:

  • Justin Plumber LLC vs The Justin Plumber LLC
  • Mango Farm LLC vs Mango Farms LLC
  • Jake & Mary Corporation vs Jake and Mary Corporation

Required suffix in the business name:

  • For Corporations:
    Must contain either “Corporation”, “Company”, “Incorporated”, “Limited” or an abbreviation of one of such words.
  • For LLC
    Must contain either “Limited Liability Company”, “Limited Company”, “L.L.C.”, “LLC”, “L.C.”, “LC”, “Limited”, “Ltd.”, “Company” or “Co.”

Prohibited words:

  • Language falsely stating or implying government affiliation.
  • Permission must be obtained from relevant authorities before including specialized words such as bank, trust, insurance etc in the name.

Checking Business Name Availability

Now that you are aware of all the rules and regulation of naming your business, let’s proceed to searching for an actual name for your business.  Business name availability search can be carried out on the SOS website. We have written an in-depth tutorial on how to search for a business name in Idaho (ID).

Business Name Reservation

Business name reservation can be done by mail. The process can take upto 1 week.

By Mail

Download FormLink
Fees$20 (optional expedite fee: +$20)
AddressOffice of the Secretary of State
450 N 4th Street, PO Box 83720
Boise ID 83720
Processing TimeWithin 1 week
  1. Download the name reservation form – Link.
  2. Fill the form with the requested details.
  3. Include the money order or check drawn in favor of “Secretary of State“.
  4. Send the filled form to:
    Office of the Secretary of State
    450 N 4th Street, PO Box 83720
    Boise ID 83720


For any queries, you can contact the SOS at (208) 334-2301 during business hours.


Last Updated: 25/08/2018

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