Incfile Review 2019 – Is it Right for you?

Incfile Review

Author: Meredith Karter, 03/05/2019

Are you considering using Incfile for forming your business and wondering if it’s right for you? If so, then you’re in the right place.

I’ve personally used to register over 20 LLCs including this one (BusinessEntity LLC) and I’m in the right position to tell you whether or not, this service is best suited for you.

On this page, I’ll be sharing my unbiased and thorough review about Incfile which will definitely help you in your decision making.

First I’ll be discussing some good things which I liked about the service.

Then we’re going to talk about things I absolutely hate.

Finally, we’ll be discussing about the overall service and closing thoughts.

By the end of the article, you would be in a position to know if you should choose Incfile for your business formation (or not).

Short Review

After thoroughly testing top 5 online business formation services over the span of a year, I’ve come to conclude Incfile offers maximum reliability and value for money. Read the complete review here.

Why Listen To Me?

1) I have registered over 600 LLCs in the last five years; half of them were using online business formation services.

2) My reviews are unbiased and I actually paid for each business formation.

3) I constantly update and change my reviews.

What to look for in an Incorporation Service?

Registering your business is the most critical part of the entrepreneurial journey. And it starts with choosing the right business formation service provider.

Before you go ahead and select a service, you should know what to look for in a right provider.

Here we’ll be discussing, what parameters you should judge a service on. And what are the major differences among the various incorporation service providers?

Business formation is just not a one-off process; instead, it’s a continuous obligation. You would need to renew registered agent service, file annual reports, etc on an on-going basis.

For this very reason, you should not judge any online incorporation services solely on the upfront cost. You’ve also to account the annual renewal fees charged by the provider are.

Choosing the right business formation service provider is very important. You would mostly end up using them throughout the lifetime of your business.

What to look for:

  • Reliability – The parent company should be trustworthy and should’ve above average reviews. As a rule of thumb, I tend to avoid any provider which has been in business for less than five years.
  • Cost (Upfront/Ongoing) – Some of the providers may entice you with cheap or free business formation cost but will charge you a bomb in annual maintenance. Always check what are the recurring charges annually.
  • Customer Support – This is the most important point. Look for a provider, which offer both phone and email support. The support must be knowledgeable and should not be pushy to sell extra services.
  • Value Added Services – This is the primary differentiator between various providers. Some of the standard VAS services are – attorney consultation, tax advice, business kit/documents, etc.

Incfile Review – Is it RIGHT for you?

With 15 years of operating history, Incfile is one of the oldest and most reputed business formation services online. Till date, they’ve registered over 150,000 businesses and handle a couple of thousand new registrations every month.

Although not as popular as LegalZoom or Rocketlawyer, you probably may not have heard about it before. But there is a strong reason for it. Incfile does not spend much money on marketing, unlike its counterpart. Most of its customers are from word of mouth publicity and referrals.

Due to the low advertising cost, they can offer one of the cheapest business formation service available online. And add to that the unparalleled customer support is next to none.

Incfile packs maximum value across all the packages. It offers several premium services for free which other providers bill upwards of $100.

  • Free registered agent for the first year,
  • Regular compliance reminder email
  • Online document storage
  • Free Shipping
  • Free business formation consultation

# 1 Overall Review:

If you are looking for a no-frills business formation service, then look no further. Incfile is the best in what it does. However, if you require attorney consultation (one time or regularly), then you can opt for LegalZoom.


  • Reliable and secure
  • Excellent customer support. No pushy sales tactics.
  • Best value for money. One of the cheapest provider.
  • Fast turn around time
  • No hidden fees or auto billing

  • Limited value-added services (like attorney consultation)
  • Email support is on a bit of a slower side. Can take up to 24 hrs to respond.

Features & Pricing

At Incfile, LLC formation starts at $49 + state fees. There are three packages, each catered to specific client needs. All the packages are fairly priced and offer a lot of value for its offerings.

Note: The state fee is paid to the government and varies from state to state. Refer to this page for state wise LLC formation fees.

The packages are:

  • Silver (Budget Pick)
  • Gold (Best Value)
  • Platinum (If you are in a hurry)

Silver ($49 + State Fees)

Barebone LLC formation package with few premium services

Entry level package starts at an unbeatable price of $49. Other competitors charge $30 to $100 extra for similar service.

The package includes:

  • Complete Business formation
  • Free 1-year registered agent service
  • Unlimited phone/email support
  • Business Tax consultation
  • Next day processing
  • Lifetime company alerts
  • Online incorporation documents storage
  • Free shipping
Who should go for it?

Perfect for individuals who are looking for business formation in a budget. The package includes everything to jumpstart your business.

However, this package does not include two important documents: 

  • Operating Agreement 
  • Employer Identification Number / Tax ID (EIN)

If you are the DIY types, you can get draft an operating agreement and file for EIN yourself. But the process is a bit time-consuming and any error in the process can cost you dearly.

The above two documents can be purchased individually. However you would end up paying $110 ($40 + $70) extra. And you are better of selecting the Gold package.

Gold ($149 + State Fees)

Mid-tier package and the most popular one. This package costs $100 over the silver package but offers a lot of extra features for the extra money spent.

It includes:

  • Everything from the silver package
  • Personalized Business Formation Kit – A beautifully crafted welcome kit containing all the business documents. The kit consists of:
    • Formation documents
    • Transfer ledgers
    • Stock certificates

Incfile Gold Package Customized Corporate Kit

  • Employer Identification Number/ Tax ID – Required for filing business tax and opening bank account.
  • Operating Agreement – A written agreement between the members of the business on how the business will be operated and governed. Read more about it here.
  • Banking Resolution – To authorize who may open the bank account, sign checks and operate the account.
  • Express Shipping 
Who should go for it?

The gold package has everything you need to start and manage your business. Right from business formation to banking resolution, you get everything.

It’s a no brainer not to go for it. Considering the immense value, you’re getting.

However, if you’re looking for expedited filing then you should consider ordering platinum package.

Platinum ($299 + State Fees)

This is the costliest package of all ($150 over Gold package). The package includes all the features of gold.

Additionally, it provides:

  • Expedited filing
  • Corporate embossing seal
  • Enclosed box case
  • Business Contract templates
  • Business Website & Domain Name (In partnership with snapweb. There is a monthly charge of $20)
Who should go for it?

Go for this package, if you’re on a tight schedule to complete the filing or require a business website as well. The corporate seal in itself is worth extra $50.


Incfile is a highly rated business formation service. The testament to this is the thousands of reviews, the service has already received online.

  • ShopperApproved Rating: 4.8/5 based on 6996 ratings.
  • BBB Rating A+ : Based on 88+ reviews

Overall Rating – 4.7/5

Hands down, Incfile is the best business formation service which offers you maximum bang for the buck. You can’t go wrong with it. And I personally recommend it.

Here is the breakdown of my review:

  • Cost 5/5
    Of all the services I’ve tried, I found Incfile to be the cheapest for the value it provides. Most of the competitors were at least $50 costlier than what it offered. All the tiers offer great value and include only essential features (unlike the counterparts).
  • Turn around time 4.5/5
    Like I mentioned before I have formed over 20+ LLC using Incfile. Majority of them were California LLC. I found that Incfile completed the business formation in less than the time they initially specified. However, in one of the case, it took around one week extra. It turns out that was the issue with the Secretary of State office. But I think IncFile could have handled the communication better.
  • Ordering Process 4.5/5
    The overall ordering process is excellent. The instructions are laid out in clear format. At no point, I found any misleading/hidden sales pitch. However, I find the client dashboard a bit confusing to start with.
  • Customer Service 4.5/5
    I interacted with the customer service several times. The email conversations were slightly delayed but the operator was very knowledgeable and was able to resolve my query to my satisfaction. On average, the wait time for phone support was 10 mins. But as again the operator was very knowledgeable and addressed my queries thorouhly.
  • Extra Features 5/5
    Most of the service providers I reviewed, charged extra for the registered agent service. But Incfile offered the first year for free and cost $119 from next year on (still lower than the peers). The business kit in gold and platinum package is very well constructed. My clients totally love them. Also, lifetime document storage and business reminders are handy features.


You should consider Incfile for business formation if you:

  • are looking for value for money provider
  • want a reliable provider with excellent customer support
  • want low ongoing expense for your business

Avoid Incfile if you are looking for:

  • a well-established brand like LegalZoom or Rocketlawyer
  • complex tax/attorney consultation

Frequently Asked Question

  • Can you share Incfile Coupon Code?
    Well, Incfile rarely provides discounts or coupon code. That being said, if I come across any coupons, I will be updating the page with the same.
  • Does Incfile offer a refund policy?
    Yes, until the money is not forwarded to the government. There is a $30 cancellation fee as well. So as long as you cancel within 1 to 2 days after placing the order, you can get a partial refund.
  • Any hidden charges?
    Surprisingly No. I found the service to be very transparent in there pricing policy.
  • Is Incfile Secure?
    Incfile supports SSL powered by Norton web. Also, your personal data is securely stored and never shared with a 3rd party.