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Louisiana (LA) State ShapeAll the business entities operating in Louisiana must be registered with the Business Service Division of the Secretary of State of Louisiana. Only after the registration, the business can legally operate in the state.

Businesses in Louisiana can be set up under the following seven legal structures:

  1. Business Corporation
  2. Nonprofit Corporation
  3. Limited Liability Company
  4. Limited Liability Partnership
  5. Trade Name
  6. Trade Mark
  7. Service Mark

The business search database can be useful for aspiring business owners who are looking to register their own company. They can verify the availability of a specific name beforehand. Existing business owners can directly file annual report and amendments using the search feature.

To make the search process simpler for you, here are the step by step instructions on how to search for a business registered in Louisiana.

Louisiana Business Entity Search

Louisiana secretary of state allows one to search for a business entity in three ways:

  • Search by Entity Name
  • Search by Entity Number: Charter Number, Trade Registration Number, or Name Reservation Number
  • Search by Individual name: Officer Name or Agent Name
Search by Entity Name

Step 1: Searching the SOS database by entity name is quite straightforward. Open the search database, and select Search by Entity Name as your Search type.

Step 2:  Type in your search query into the text box as shown below. It is recommended that you use the full name of the entity to limit the number of results. In case you don’t know the full name, use as many words from the name as possible in your search query.

Louisiana Business Entity Search

Note: Common punctuation, special characters, and business entity names end like LLC, LLP, or corporations are ignored.

Step 3: You will now see a list of all business entities that match your search string. To identify the business, you can also check the type of entity and city of operation.

Note that active records are shown in bold.

Louisiana Business Entity Search Result

Sample Result for ‘Technology’ Query

Step 4: For more information, you can click on the button marked ‘Details’ on the right of the desired business entity field. 

Step 5:  Clicking on ‘Details’ will yield information such as the type of company, its status, charter number and registration date.

Additional information includes the mailing, domicile address as well as details of registered agents and officers. You can also check whether any amendments are on file.Amendments

Step 6If you scroll back to the top of the company details, you will see options to:

  • Buy certificates and certified copies
  • Subscribe to an electronic notification
  • Print detailed records

Certified Copies

To start a new search, you can click on the New Search button below the company details.

Searching through the database will provide you the following details about any business that has been registered in Louisiana:

NameBusiness Entity Name
TypeBusiness Type – LLC/LLP/Corporation
CityCity in which business is located
StatusCurrent Business Status – Active/Inactive/Dissolved
Previous Business NamesPrevious Names of the Business
Charter NumberBusiness ID number
Registration DateDate of Business Registration
Domicile AddressBusiness Address
Mailing AddressCommunication Address
Inactive ReasonReason the business was marked inactive
File DateDate of filing of business documents
Last Report FiledLast annual report filing date

Search by Charter Number, Trade Registration Number, or Name Reservation Number

When a business registers with the Business Services division, it is assigned a unique alphanumeric identifier known as a Charter Number. Trade Mark, Trade Name or Service Mark application are also assigned a unique numeric identifier.

Step 1:  Open Louisiana SOS business search page and select Search by Charter Number, Trade Registration Number, or Name Reservation Number‘.

Step 2:  Input the ID number in the text field.

Note: The Charter Number includes 8 digits and 1 letter, in a format such as 35294371D. All 9 characters must be inputted. If you’re searching using a Trade Name, Trade Mark or Service Mark, that will be a 6-character number in such a format: 60-1234.

Search by Charter Number

Step 3:  On the next page, you will see the details for the business entity with a matching Charter Number, Trade Registration Number, or Name Reservation Number.

 Search by Officer or Agent name

Step 1: Open Lousiana business search page – Link. Next, select ‘Search by Officer or Agent name as your Search type.

Step 2:  It is recommended that you use both the full name and last name to limit the number of results. Enter your search query as depicted in the screenshot below.

Search by officer agent name

Step 4:  You will be directed to a list of companies related to that individual.  Click on ‘Details‘ next to the business name you were looking for, to fetch business details.

Note: Make sure to turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker before accessing the database, else you may not be able to view the filing documents.

Contact Information
Address8585 Archives Avenue,
Baton Rouge,
LA 70809
Phone Number(225) 925-4704
Office Hours8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday (except for Official State Holidays)

Links & References

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  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secretary_of_State_of_Louisiana

Last Updated: 05/10/2018

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