LLC vs. S Corp – Differences and Tax Implications

The structure you select for your business significantly impacts several crucial business issues. This includes liability exposure, financing, business growth, tax implications, and more. Among all the different business structures, LLCs and S Corp are very popular. Both the structures offer limited personal asset protection along with pass-through taxation. But while both the structures offer […]

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What is Certificate of Good Standing | How to Apply

Even after the formation of your LLC or corporation, you will still require many different documents for various reasons. One of the most important is the “Certificate of Good Standing“. Also known as “Certificate of Authorization” and “Certificate of Existence”, it is issued by the state in which your business is registered. What is this […]

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Does Sole Proprietorship Need an EIN Number?

A sole proprietorship is the simplest and most common forms of business. But while this business structure is easier to form, you still need to comply with the licensing, zoning, and local requirements and regulations of your state. While searching for the prerequisites of forming a sole proprietorship, you might often come across something known […]

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