What Are Articles of Organization?

What Are Articles of Organization

If you’re planning to form an LLC, you might have surely heard about Articles of Organization.

It is only after filing this document that your LLC gets legally registered in your state

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But what are Articles of Organization?

  • What all does it include?
  • Who files it?
  • How to file it?

Find answers to all of these questions below-

What Are Articles of Organization?

In most of the US states, you’re required to file a document known as “Articles of Organization” to register your LLC legally. In some of the states, this document is also known as “Certificate of Organization” or “Certificate of Formation“.

It is the Articles of Organization that establishes the power, rights, liabilities, duties, and other important obligations of LLC members. This document also establishes the obligations between LLC members.

The Articles of Organization is generally filed with the State Secretary’s office of the state in which the LLC is to be registered. However, in a few states like Arizona, New Jersey, and Florida, the document needs to be filed with other state government agencies.

What All Does the Articles of Organization Include?

The details you’re required to provide in Articles of Organization varies between states. However, most common information that you need to furnish is-

  • Name of the company
  • Duration for which the LLC will be operational
  • Statement of purpose
  • Registered Agent
  • Place of business
  • Management
  • Information about the members, officers, and managers of the LLC

Once you file the Articles of Organization, the state office will review the document and might also reject it. Majority of the rejections are due to the proposed name of the LLC.

It is only after the state office approves this document that your LLC becomes a legal business entity in your state.

Filing Articles of Organization

Thanks to the internet, filing Articles of Organization is now easy and quick. Follow the steps mentioned below for filing the document-

  1. Visit the State Secretary’s Website

To start the filing process, visit the State Secretary’s website (refer this page) of the state where you want to register your LLC. Most state websites now have a format of Articles of Organization as well as details about the things you’ll need for filing.

There is also a fee for filing the document. You can find the information regarding the same on the website, and you can also find the printable PDF form or a form that you can fill and submit online.

  1. Collect the Required Information

Before you start filling the form, collect the information that you’ll be asked to provide. While the information required for filing varies between states, you’ll at least need the details mentioned above.

It is better first to collect all the information you’ll need before you start filling the form. This will make the filing process quick and will also reduce the possibility of errors.

  1. Fill and Submit

Once you have the required information, you can start filling the form online or print the form and start filling it. Some states need you to submit the form online where others require you to mail the document to the State Secretary’s or other state government’s office.

If you’re submitting it online, you’ll also need your credit card details to pay the filing fee. If you’re required to mail the document, mail it along with the check of the filing fee.

Once the form is submitted or mailed, the state office will review it and send you a response within a few weeks. However, there is also an expedited option in some states.

Tips for Filing Articles of Organization

Use these tips when filing your LLC’s Articles of Organization-

  • Make sure that the name you’ve selected for your LLC is not registered by any other LLC in your state.
  • You’re not required to register your LLC name separately as the Articles of Organization does that for you.
  • If you’re mailing the Articles of Organization and sending a filing fee check, it is better to send a check of your business checking account if you have one. Having a business account adds more legitimacy to your business.
  • A Registered Agent should be someone who has some experience in legal matters and can remain available throughout the working hours.
  • When filling the form online, take its screenshot before submitting. In case of any errors, the snapshot will make it easier for you to re-fill the form.
  • Some of the states also require you to publish your LLC’s Articles of Organization. Check the State Secretary’s website to know if this applies to your state.


The Articles of Organization is just like the birth certificate of your LLC. It is only after the document is filed and approved that your LLC receives a legal business status in your state. The Articles of Organization is known by a few different names in some states, and the information you’re required to submit can vary between states.

But keep the information mentioned above in mind, and you shouldn’t face any major inconvenience in the filing process.