Download Massachusetts LLC Operating Agreement (PDF / DOCX)

Massachusetts (MA) State ShapeLooking for an Operating Agreement template for your Massachusetts LLC?  Look no further. On this page, you can find an expert drafted operating agreement which you can use and modify as per your business needs.

Before you proceed with the download, a few points you should know about this agreement:

What’s the importance of the Operating Agreement

As per Massachusetts LLC laws, it’s not mandatory for LLCs to have an operating agreement between the members. But not drafting the agreement, can put the business at risk.

Issues like disputes and misunderstanding between the members can happen over time. If provision for solvign such issues are addressed in the agreement, then these problems can be solved impeccably. Otherwise, it could involve lengthy legal battle or arbitration.

A well-drafted agreement not only covers the rights and duties of each member but also addresses how the worst case scenarios will be handled. Situations, where any of the member dies or decides to quit or does not fulfill his/her duties, can be easily solved if provisions are made in the agreement.

The agreement becomes legally binding as soon as all the member(s) sign it. The agreement can be printed on any normal paper and it need not be filed anywhere.

Below we have shared a generic Massachusetts operating agreement template. Based on the structure of your LLC (Single, Multi, Manager Managed), download the relevant document from the link below:

Download Massachusetts LLC Operating Agreement (PDF/DOCX)

Multi Member LLC
For LLCs with multiple Members/Owners
Download DOC (Editable) Download PDF (Fillable)
Manager Managed LLC

For manager managed LLC (single or multi member)

Download DOC (Editable) Download PDF (Fillable)

Based on the LLC type, download the relevant document.

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Disclaimer: The document is shared for reference purpose only. We disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on the information shared. We encourage you to consult a professional business attorney to get a professional agreement made.

Last Updated: 02/01/2019

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