Download New Jersey LLC Operating Agreement (PDF / DOCX)

New Jersey (NJ) State ShapeIf you’re on this page, this means you’ve already registered your LLC in New Jersey. First of all, I must congratulate you on that.

Secondly, it is great to know that, you’re trying to secure your LLC by drafting an operating agreement. Kudos to that again!

Mme and my team have carefully drafted a generic operating agreement template for LLCs registered in New Jersey.  Although the template is generic but it covers most of the common pain points the business may experience. Do give it a nice read and modify it as per your requirement after downloading.

Operating Agreement – Key Points to Remember

Before you go ahead and download the agreements, here are a few things to keep you should keep in mind:

  • New Jersey LLC statutes (NJ Rev Stat § 42:2C-11) does not mandate the requirement of an operating agreement. However, any LLC would be foolish not to execute it. It safeguards the interest of member(s) from any future conflicts or liability.
  • Consider operating agreement as a blueprint for your LLC.
  • The document should be thorough enough to cover all the aspects of the business – Management, How to handle disagreements, financial understanding, transferability of ownership etc
  • The agreement once signed by the members becomes a legally binding contract.
  • It should be kept along with other business documents and does not need to be filed anywhere.

Based on the structure of your LLC (Single, Multi, Manager Managed), download the relevant document from the link below:

Download New Jersey LLC Operating Agreement (PDF/DOCX)

Multi Member LLC
For LLCs with multiple Members/Owners
Download DOC (Editable)  Download PDF (Fillable)
Manager Managed LLC

For manager managed LLC (single or multi member)

Download DOC (Editable)  Download PDF (Fillable)

Disclaimer: The document is shared for reference purpose only. We disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on the information shared. We encourage you to consult a professional business attorney to get a professional agreement made.

Last Updated: 02/01/2019

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