Nevada Business Entity & Corporation Search

Nevada (NV) State ShapeRecords of all the business entities registered in the state of Nevada are maintained in a database by the Business division of the Secretary of State of Nevada. The database is available to the public online on the website of the secretary of state (1).

Searching for a business entity is useful for anyone who is looking to check the legality of any business entity, finding out business address, management details and also their registered agent information. While business owners can file annual reports and download certificate of good standing using the search.

This article guides you through the process of searching for a business in Nevada.

Nevada Business Entity Search

You can search for business entities registered in the state of Nevada in 6 different ways:

  1. Entity Name
  2. Entity Number
  3. NV Business ID
  4. Officer Name
  5. Registered Agent Name
  6. Associated Business Name

 Search by Entity Name

Step 1: Open Nevada business entity search page – Link.

Step 2:  Select the ‘Entity Name’ on the drop-down list.

Step 3: Enter the name of the business you are looking to search (refer to the image below).

Nevada (NV) Business Entity Search

Search tips:

  1. Enter partial name if you are not sure of the exact name of the business.
  2. Ignore common words, puntuation and business entity endings like LLC, LLP etc.
  3. Tick “Include phonetic matches” to include similar sounding business names.

Step 4: Click on ‘Search‘ button.

Step 5: On the next page, results will be shown which matched the search criteria. Each result will include information such entity name, NV Business ID, Status and type of the business.Nevada (NV) Business Entity Search Result

Step 6: Scroll through the list to find the business entity you were searching for and click on it.

Step 7: On the next page, you will be able to view the following information about the business.

Below we have explained the terms used in the Report:

NameBusiness Entity Name
StatusBusiness Status – Active/Dissolved/Terminated/Merged
File DateDate on which incorporation documents were filed
TypeSole Proprietor
Exemption Expiration Expiry Date of the state business license
NV Business IDBusiness Entity ID
Exemption CodeReason for exemption from the state business license
NameBusiness Entity Name
StatusBusiness Status – Active/Dissolved/Terminated/Merged
File DateDate on which incorporation documents were filed
TypeBusiness Class – LLC/LLP/Corporation
Entity NumberBusiness ID number
Qualifying StateState of formation of the business
List of Officers DueLast date of renewal of business entity
Managed ByBusiness Managed by – Individuals/Members/Partners
Expiration DateBusiness Expiry Date
NV Business IDBusiness Entity ID
Business License ExpBusiness license Expiry Date
Registered Agent Name & AddressRegistered agent name and communication address
Officers Name & AddressList of business members and their corresponding address
Financial Information Details of the shares and their monetary value


Nevada (NV) Business Entity Details

Sample Search Result

 Search by Entity Number

Each business with the exception of Non-Title 7 (NT7) business entities (Sole proprietorship and Partnership), are assigned a unique alpha numeric code by the secretary of state. Using this form of search you can directly search for business information.

Entity Number Format(Entity type prefix)(Unique Serial Number)-(Year of Formation)

Available entity prefix: LP, RN, CS, C, E, BT, LLP, LLC, and MIS

Note: Not all parts of the entity number are mandatory. But the more fields you enter, the results would be more accurate.

How to Search? –  First, open this link. Next, similar to steps followed in ‘Search by Entity Name’, enter the entity ID in the text field and click on ‘Search‘ button.

 Search by  NV Business ID

Each business in Nevada is assigned a unique ID known as NV Business ID. For entities coming under Title 7, this number is assigned in addition to the entity number. For entities under NT7, this number is assigned upon approval.

Format: (Year of formation) (Serial Number)

How to Search?

Similar to ‘Entity Search by Name” steps, enter the ID number in the text field and click on ‘Search‘ button.

 Search by Officer Name

Use this form of search, if you like to find out business entity with which the person is associated with.  One can search by First/Middle/Last name. Last Name is mandatory to conduct the search, while the First/Middle name is optional.

How to Search?
Enter the first/middle (optional) and last name in the text field and click on ‘Search’ button. On the next page, you can view list of businesses with which the person is associated.

 Search by Registered Agent Name

Use this search to find the list of business entities with which the registered agent is associated with. Enter the full/partial name of the RA and click on ‘Search‘ button. On the next page, you can view the list of registered agent(s) which matched the search query.  Click on the name of the person to find his/her information and companies associated.

 Search by Associated Business Name

This search is applicable for only NT7 business entities – Sole Proprietorship and Partnership. If you would like to conduct the search based on the fictitious name of the business, then use this search.

 Contact Information

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Contact NumberTelephone – (775)684-5708
Fax – (775)684-5725
Office Hours8AM – 5 PM (Mon to Fri) Sat/Sun – Closed

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