Puerto Rico Business Entity and Corporation Search

Puerto Rico (PR) State ShapeAll business entities registered in Puerto Rico can be found in the Registry of Corporations and Entities website hosted by ‘Puerto Rico Department of State’. One can find information on following kinds of business entities:

  1. Corporations
  2. Limited Liability Companies
  3. Limited Companies
  4. Limited Liability Partnership
  5. Limited Partnership
  6. Foreign Entities

Upon successful registration of the business, the Registry of Corporations and Entities assigns a unique registration number to the business and adds it to the online database. Using either the business name or registration number one can validate the legal existence and confirm whether the business has followed all the legal guidelines to set up operations in the state or not.

The electronic registry is helpful for learning more about different business entities, as it provides a range of information such as the status and type of entity, registration date, and contact details. One can also view/download certificate of incorporation, name change history, and amendments using the registry.

The simple steps outlined below will help you navigate through the corporation registry and find the right corporation in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Business Entity & Corporation Search

There are two ways to search for a registered business entity in the state of Puerto Rico – by Register Number or Corporation Name. To search by ‘Register Number’, you need to be aware of the unique ID assigned to the business.

Do note that all search results are limited to 250 records, so make sure that your search queries are accurate and targeted. Searching by corporation name is the most flexible and recommended to start in case you don’t know the exact register number of the business.

[icon name=”arrow-circle-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Search by Corporation Name

Step 1: Open Registry of Corporations and Entities corporation search page (opens in new tab).

Step 2: In order to search by ‘Corporation Name’, enter your search query into the second search box below the ‘Register Number‘ field, as outlined in the screenshot below.

Puerto Rico Business Entity Search

Step 3: If required, use the search filters to narrow the search results. Specify what works best for you by choosing from the drop-down options to the left of the search box. You can select ‘All words’, ‘Any word’, ‘Starting with’ or ‘Exact match’.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Search All Entities’ button. To filter out inactive entities you can click on ‘Search Active Entities Only’.

Step 5: You will be taken to a database of companies matching your search phrase. Here, you can see results for the search phrase ‘technology’.

Puerto Rico Business Entity Search Result Page

On the results page, you can find information such as the class, for-profit or non-profit type and status for each of the listed business. Use this information to determine which is the right corporation, you were looking for.

Step 6: Once you have found the right company, click on the corporation name.

Puerto Rico Business Entity Details

Step 7: On the next page, you can view complete information about the business which is available online.

Step 8: In case you haven’t found the right entity, click on ‘Return to Search Results’ at the bottom of the page. If you are on the right track, continue browsing through the information given in the ‘Details’ tab, such as:

  • Name and register number
  • Status and class of company
  • Type and state of jurisdiction
  • Name and details of Resident Agent

Step 9: By clicking on the ‘Articles’ tab, you can view documents related to Registration and Organization, such as the Certificate of Incorporation. You can also check correspondence details, name change history, and amendments, in case any documents are on file. To view Annual reports and balance sheet information by click on ‘Annual Filings‘ tab. To view the history of certificates issued, click on ‘Certificate‘ tab.

Puerto Rico Business Entity Documents

Explanation of the terms used in the search report:

Business NameName of the Business Entity
Register NumberRegistered ID of the business
ClassCorporation / Limited Liability Company / Limited Company / Limited Liability Partnership / Limited Partnership / Foreign Entity
StatusActive / Inactive / Expired / Cancelled
JurisdictionState of incorporation
Resident AgentName and contact details
Registered Effective DateDate of registration of the business
Other detailsArticles, Annual filings, and Certificates
[icon name=”arrow-circle-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Search by Register Number

If you know the unique Register Number assigned to the business, you can use this search method.

Step 1: Navigate to Puerto Rico Department of State business search page.

Step 2: Input your query into the search box next to ‘Register Number‘, and click on ‘Search All Entities‘. To filter out inactive entities you can click on ‘Search Active Entities Only.

Step 3: Once you click on the search button, you will be shown details of the matching business. If the entered ID is incorrect, an error will be shown.

Step 4: Click on the name of the business to access further details.

[icon name=”arrow-circle-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Contact Information
AddressState Department of Puerto Rico
Calle San José,|
San Juan, 00901,
Puerto Rico
Phone Number(787) 722-2121
Office Hours8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday (except for Official State Holidays)

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Last Updated: 05/10/2018

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