Rhode Island Business Entity & Corporation Search

Rhode Island (RI) state mapWhen it comes to the state of Rhode Island, the Division Of Business Service of the Secretary of State is responsible for business filing and record keeping.

It maintains records for the following types of business structures:

  1. Domestic Limited Liability Companies
  2. Foreign Limited Liability Companies
  3. Domestic Corporations
  4. Foreign Corporations
  5. Domestic Nonprofit Corporations
  6. Foreign Nonprofit Corporations

The database is accessible available online for free and can be a useful tool for new business owners to understand the landscape, study the competition or avoid duplication of the business name.

The search options for the Rhode Island business database are quite extensive, as will be observed on the search page. There are numerous filters that can be used to find the business you’re looking for:

  • Search by Entity Name
  • Search by Identification Number
  • Search by Filing Number
  • Search by an Individual (the name of an officer, director, etc.)
  • Search by Agent
  • Search by a Business Address
  • Search by Purpose

We will now explain the different ways by which you can search for a business entity registered in Rhode Island (RI).

Rhode Island Business Entity Search

If you’d like to search for a registered business in the state of Rhode Island, navigate to this webpage in order to conduct the search.

[icon name=”arrow-circle-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Search by Business Name

Step 1: Once you have accessed the page, the very first search filter you can use will help limit the search to either ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ businesses.

Rhode Island Business Entity Search

Step 2: To search using Business Name, check “Search by entity name” optipn and type in your search query into the search box next to “Name”.

Rhode Island Business Entity Search by Name

Do note that the option you select under ‘Type of Search‘ can determine the quality of your results. Choose “begins with” if you know the first few words or phrases of the business name, else you can go for an “exact match”.

Rhode Island Business Entity Search Filters

Step 3: Double-check to avoid spelling or other errors in your search query. Pick the number of results you’d like to see on a page and clickon “Search”.Rhode Island Business Entity Search Limit

Step 4: Here, we have searched for a business name containing the phrase, ‘technology’.Business Entity Search Result

The results show all the business entities meeting the specifications of your search filters, along with additional details such as their Identification Number, Charter, Status and Type will be displayed.

Step 5: For more and detailed information, click on the hyperlinked name of the desired business entity.

Rhode Island Business Entity Details

As you can see, you can access a vast range of information pertaining to that company, ranging from:

  • Date of registration
  • State of jurisdiction
  • Location of principal office
  • Mailing address or specified office
  • Status of Agent resigned and Address maintained
  • Name and address of Registered Agent
  • Management structure

Step 6: Right at the top of the company summary screen, you may notice an option to “Request a Certificate”. Clicking on this button will take you to another page with the Certificate Request Form.

Rhode Island Business Entity Request a Certificate

Step 7: In order to request a certificate for a particular business, you will have to fill in further details and pay a service fee as well. The service fee is $7 for non-profits and $22 for all other entities. The certificate can be sent either via email or by registered mail to your address.

Certificate Request Form

Step 8: At the bottom of the summary screen, you will see another option to View Filings for that particular company. Select the type of filling you’d like to explore and click on “View Filings”.

Annual Report

Step 9: You will be taken to another screen where you can download the requested filings.

Annual Report History

Searching through the database will provide you the following details about any business that has been registered in Rhode Island:

Entity NameBusiness Entity Name
Entity TypeBusiness Entity type – LLC/LLP/Corporation (Domestic/Foreign) (Profit/Non-Profit)
Identification NumberBusiness ID number
Date of Incorporation in Rhode IslandDate of incorporation of the business
The location of its principal officeBusiness office Address
The mailing address or specified officeMailing Address
Agent ResignedWhether the registered agent resigned – Yes/No
Address MaintainedWhether the address mentioned in SOS Database is maintained – Yes/No
Name and address of the Registered AgentRegistered agent details

[icon name=”arrow-circle-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Search by Identification number

Each business is assigned a unique ID by the SOS. Searching by the Identification number can make your search quicker as you can access the business information directly.

Step 1: Visit the Division Of Business Services business search page.

Step 2: Once you have selected whether you’re searching for an Active or Inactive business, select ‘Search by Identification Number‘ option.

Search by ID Number

Step 3: Enter the ID in the text field.

Step 4: On the next page, you will be taken directly to the details for the business entity with a matching Identification number. If the enter ID is incorrect, you will receive an error ‘No Results Found’.

[icon name=”arrow-circle-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Search by Filing number

Similar to search by ID number method, navigate to the search page and enter the filing number. On the next page, you can view the business matching the filing number.

[icon name=”arrow-circle-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Search by Individual/Agent Name

Use this method of search, to find of list of business entities with which the person (Individual/Agent) is associated with. Similar to the search guide shared above, follow the steps.

[icon name=”arrow-circle-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Contact Information

AddressDivision Of Business Services
148 West River Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02904-2615
Phone Number(401) 222-3040
Office Hours8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (Monday – Friday)

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Last Updated: 05/10/2018

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