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Virgin Islands FlagIn the Virgin Islands, Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs (DLCA) is responsible for issuing business and professional licenses. It also maintains an online searchable database of all the registered businesses. One can access the business and license records online on DLCA website.

Information about following business entities are available:

  1. Domestic Corporations
  2. Exempt Companies
  3. Foreign Sales Corporations

Virgin Islands houses over 41% of the world’s total offshore companies. The primary reason being zero corporate income tax.

If you are searching for information about any business registered in the Virgin Islands or are looking to check the availability of a business name, then we have got you covered.

Below we have explained steps to conduct a successful business search on the DLCA website.

Virgin Islands Business Entity Search

DLCA provides comprehensive filters to search for any business registered in the Virgin Islands. These filters can be used alone or combined together to narrow down the search results.

Following search parameters are available:

  • By Business or Trade Name (Recommended)
  • By Location Address
  • By License Type
  • By Business Activity
  • By License Number
  • By Island
Business Search

Step 1: Navigate to Virgin Islands business license page here (opens in new tab).

Step 2: Here you will be presented with multiple options to conduct the search.

  • If you know the complete/partial name of the business, then enter it in ‘Business/Trade Name‘ text box. 
  • If you would like to find out the list of businesses in a particular city or street, enter the details in ‘Location Address‘ text box.
  • To search by license type or business entity, enter the details in corresponding boxes.
  • If you know the license number of the business, then you can directly find the information. Enter it in ‘License No‘ field. Each business is assigned a unique 8 character ID by the DLCA. The ID is in the following format:  X-XXXXX-XL.

Note: The search parameters can be used alone or combined together. Using multiple search criteria will help narrow down your results faster, by honing down on the business name that meets all criteria.

Step 3: Select the search criteria and enter the search string in the corresponding box.

Step 4: Click on ‘Search‘ button.

Step 5: In the same page, you can view the list of businesses that matched the criteria. The following information is available for each of the matched business.

Business and Trade NameName and address of the Business Entity
AddressLocation of the registered office
License TypeDetails on the type of license
License numberUnique 8-character code assigned on registration
Expiry dateLicense Expiry Date
 Contact Information

AddressNo. 5049 Kongens Gade
Charlotte Amalie
St. Thomas, V.I. 00802
Phone Number(340) 776-8515
Office Hours8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday

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